Intelligent Process Management™ is a systematic approach to ensure business processes operate effectively and efficiently. You'll create a framework to manage and monitor an existing process.

Ready to apply Intelligent Process Management™ to a process?

Often managers feel their job is to manage people, which may be so, but that’s not the whole story. In managing people, we're trying to get something done through people working in a process. What many managers miss is that they need to manage the process, not just the people!

So what does it mean to manage a process? It’s more than just watching it happen, although that’s a start. You need to know what to look for and do if you don’t like the results. Kure’s Intelligent Process Management™ lays it all out for you, providing:

  • A Process Map (to describe how the process works)

  • A set of metrics (to measure the results)

  • A Process Walk (to look for improvement opportunities)

  • A Monitoring Plan (to watch the process and let you know how it’s doing)

  • A Response Plan (to tell what to do if something goes wrong)

Armed with this, you can confidently manage your process and often improve a process that may already be pretty good. Even better, when the people who work the process understand how process management works, they'll also be easier to manage!

Kure guides you through each step in your process optimization journey by asking simple questions and providing guidance along the way. Powered by our Process Optimization Path® (artificial intelligence), Kure will help you and your teams collaborate to complete process improvement projects together.

Ready to apply Intelligent Process Management™ to a process?

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