How Do I Update My Profile?

Learn how to update your personal information and password

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Profile settings help you adjust the details of your account. You can also access your profile from the Settings menu.

To access your Profile page:

  1. Click on your photo or name from the side menu.

  2. Click the three dots on the top right-hand side.

  3. Select Edit.

On your Profile page, you can edit:

Personal Information


A profile name and photo help your team identify who you are. Your profile name and photo will appear within the projects and organizations you belong to.


Add your account email address to receive email notifications and so other people can invite you to their projects or organizations.


Personalize your account by adding your photo to your profile. It's best if the image is square and at least 128x128px, but this size isn't required. If you don't upload a photo, we'll use a profile icon as a placeholder.

About Section

Job Title & Department

Help others understand your role within your organization by providing your job title and department.


If your account belongs to an organization, the name of your organization will appear here. To update this, contact your organization leader.

Level of Experience

Based on your process optimization experience, select the phrase that best describes you:

  • I have little to no experience with process improvement/optimization projects.

  • I have participated on a process improvement/optimization project team.

  • I have lead a process improvement/optimization project team.

  • I have lead and managed multiple process improvement/optimization project teams.

Password and Security

If you want to reset your password, this is the space to do it:

  1. Click Update Password.

  2. Enter a new password and confirm.

  3. Click the Save Password button.

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