What is the Goal Statement?

Learn about the Goal Statement and how to use this tool in Kure

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The Goal Statement is the desired result of your process optimization project. It's a fundamental part of the Project Charter. The Goal Statement describes:

  • What you want to improve about the process

  • How you'll measure the improvement

  • The current performance level

  • The target performance

  • When you want to achieve the improvement

Ready to create your Goal Statement and start improving?

Sometimes you don't know the current performance level when beginning a project. You can still create a Goal Statement using estimates or placeholders, which can be updated when you have actual data.

A placeholder is just a value, like "123" or "456," to represent the current and target performance levels.

Make sure you begin collecting performance data as soon as possible—don't wait until later!

How do I create a Goal Statement?

Kure will create your Goal Statement using some of your responses from earlier when you named your project and your answers to the following.

What are the measurement units for what you want to improve?

The thing we wish to improve must have measurement units, such as dollars, minutes, %, etc. If you want to improve a rate, include the period, such as dollars/unit, minutes/month, etc.

What is the current average performance level?

This is the numerical value that describes the current performance of your process over the baseline time period. It is measured in the units specified above. If you don't know the exact value when planning your project, make an estimate, which can be revised when you collect your baseline data.

What is the target performance level you wish to reach?

This is the value you expect your process to reach after your improvement has been made. It should be a specific number. If you wish to target a percent improvement from the baseline, calculate that number and enter it, or your best estimate if it's unknown when initially planning your project.

By when do you plan to achieve the improvement?

This is the specific date when you expect to achieve the target performance. If you desire results by year-end or quarter-end, enter the corresponding date.

Kure composes your Goal Statement on a summary screen with a list of the questions used. If you wish to edit the statement, you can select the question of interest and make changes. Once you save these changes, the Goal Statement will be updated.

Kure guides you through each step in creating your Goal Statement by asking simple questions and providing guidance along the way. Powered by our Process Optimization Path® (artificial intelligence), Kure will help you and your teams collaborate to complete process improvement projects together.

Ready to create your Goal Statement and start improving?

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