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What is Verification of Improvement?

Learn about Verification of Improvement and how to use this tool in Kure

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The Verification of Improvement is proof of your optimization success.

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It's similar to the Baseline chart, except it continues past the solution implementation. Again, like the Baseline chart, it shows the performance of the Goal Statement measure over time—specifically before and after the solution(s) have been implemented.

How do I create a Verification of Improvement?

The Verification of Improvement should be shown on a run chart. It's important to show the before and after performance on the same chart to have a shared vertical scale. If you plot them separately, the graphing software will usually scale the vertical axis in a way that may make your improvement less obvious.

You can manually place a vertical line on the graph to depict the implementation of the solution(s).

Once plotted, use this chart to assess the improvement made.

Verification of Improvement is clear if your chart shows a positive shift in the goal measure. Observe the run chart to determine if the improvement is:

  • Verified: The run chart shows a performance improvement shift that goes beyond prior process variability

  • Needs more data: The run chart shows a slight shift that is well within prior process variability you may need to run longer before claiming success

  • Not Verified: The run chart shows no improvement, even after many data points

After creating your Baseline chart, continue to collect data on the performance of the Goal Statement measure. Once you have implemented your solutions and collected data on the improved process, you can enter data into Kure.

Entering Verification data into Kure is similar to what you did for the Baseline, except there are no stratification factors to enter—you enter a time-related value and the performance measure, then click Complete, and your chart will display.

​​Kure guides you through each step in the Verification of Improvement by asking simple questions and providing guidance along the way. Powered by our Process Optimization Path® (artificial intelligence), Kure will help you and your teams collaborate to complete process improvement projects together.

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