A Process Optimization Project is a time-bound effort following a series of steps to improve a process in order to provide the customers with greater value.

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Process Optimization refers to improving one or more specific measures of performance while a project is an endeavor with a defined series of steps to complete, often referred to as a methodology to obtain a specific outcome. A project methodology provides a structure to follow and the means to manage time and resources. A project methodology helps you to reach your goal on time and on budget.

There are several improvement project methodologies being used today. All are effective but they are general approaches designed to address a wide range of processes and improvement objectives.

This one-size fits all approach requires the project leader to undergo weeks of training to be prepared for all possible circumstances. Through a short series of simple questions, Kure understands your objectives and the issue you wish to resolve, then charts a customized Process Optimization Project path, this path is unique to your project type and optimization goals.

Also, your Process Optimization Project requires no extensive upfront training. Kure will provide training while you work only the project steps you need to be successful. Your Process Optimization Project will maximize your effectiveness and efficiency.

Ready to create your optimization project?

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