What is a Quick Win project?

When you need simple, rapid improvement and/or workplace organization

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A Quick Win project is for a narrowly scoped process and focuses on obvious solutions you can implement rapidly at little cost or disruption.

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  • Step 1: What's My Opportunity? ➔ Charter

  • Step 2: What's My Process? ➔ Process Map ➔ Process Walk

  • Step 3: What's Causing My Problem? ➔ Before Photo ➔ 5S ➔ 5 Whys

  • Step 4: What's My Solution? ➔ Quick Wins ➔ After Photo ➔ Project Handoff ➔ Project Summary

  • Do a Quick Win project when you need simple, rapid improvement and/or workplace organization.

Opportunities for improvement are identified by first understanding what’s happening in the process.

To do this, consider the 8 Wastesremember the DOWNTIME memory aid? Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Extra Processing—you can find a lot of examples in nearly any process, but then consider which ones make the most significant difference. Next, understand the causes underlying these issues to help you develop Quick Win improvements.

Also, maybe there’s a lot of clutter in your process, making it difficult to find what you need and get the work done. You might need to implement 5S, which can clean up a disorganized workspace and make it more intuitive, increasing productivity while reducing effort. The Quick Win project identifies fast and easy ways to reduce waste and better organize your process.

Kure guides you through each step in your process optimization journey by asking simple questions and providing guidance along the way. Powered by our Process Optimization Path® (artificial intelligence), Kure will help you and your teams collaborate to complete process improvement projects together.

Ready to start your Quick Win project?

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