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Kure is a web-based app that gives everyone the power of Process Optimization (also known as Continuous Improvement or Quality Improvement). Kure intelligently automates Process Optimization at all levels of business, from front-line employees to the C-Suite. No training, consulting or certifications are required. Just jump right in and start delivering optimization results – everything you need is right inside of Kure.

What Can You Do With Kure?

  • Streamline process optimization projects with workflow automation for Quick Win Projects, Root Cause Exploration™ Projects and Kreative Solution™ Projects – powered by Kure’s Process Optimization Path®.

  • Easily manage all your projects and drive completion by assigning tasks and due dates to project team members. Quickly check project status to ensure projects are completed on time with the proper approvals.

  • Collaborate with your project team remotely and get work done together from anywhere. Chat, comment and meet via voice or video at your convenience – skip the spreadsheets and emails.

  • Get access to Process Optimization experts who will provide guidance right inside of the app. Instant answers are available through AI chat support.

  • Report and showcase project ROI easily with our automatically generated Project Summaries. Share your good work and inspire others to optimize.

  • Scale improvement organization-wide by aligning projects with strategic objectives and empowering your teams with instant optimization skills.

Kure will modernize and transform your Process Optimization Program to help you overcome the obstacles that rapid economic change like COVID-19 brings.

Who Uses Kure?

  • Process Optimization Teams who want to keep track of all their project work and communicate easily with stakeholders

  • Leadership who want instant insight into project progress and review results and ROI

  • Organizations that want to align Process Optimization projects with their strategic objectives like reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction

Kure is also easy to use for everyone impacted by process optimization. Inviting and involving stakeholders in the process optimization process is key for managing and making change stick and scale.

Why Is Kure Special?

Kure isn’t a general project management app. It’s intentionally designed for Process Optimization projects by experts with over 40 years of success, helping organizations utilize dozens of process optimization methodologies. Here’s why Kure’s unique:

  • No need for previous process optimization experience. Skip time-consuming training focused on dry statistical tools – the tools are built-in and put to work when needed. If you want to know more about the tools, quickly access short, plain-language tips and tutorials right inside Kure.

  • Easy access to powerful process optimization methods. No need for expensive management consultants. Kure was developed through the combined efforts of problem solvers and instructional designers with mastery of dozens of popular approaches like Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Statistical Problem Solving, as well as lesser-known approaches such as Robust Optimization, Operations Research and TRIZ.

  • A clear path to process optimization. Kure streamlines process optimization projects better than any other project management app. While we leverage dozens of different methodologies, we’ve focused heavily on removing obstacles from your path. There’s no single approach that is best for every problem. Kure’s AI works to understand your unique situation and will find a faster way to get the job done. Kure not only guides you to the best path for your situation, but we walk with you on that path – you are never left alone, wondering what to do.

  • Drive successful project completion. General project management apps can give you analysis paralysis. Kure is designed with speed and accuracy in mind, specifically for process improvement projects. You won’t get “stuck” wondering what to do next – Kure keeps you moving so you complete projects faster with better ROI. If you aren’t sure what to do, tips and tutorials help you out. If you need additional support, you can chat or meet with an expert.

  • Always advancing. We continuously improve Kure to leverage the process optimization methods, technology and design with simplicity in mind – so you can focus on delivering results. As a result, our AI not only finds a path that works for you but one that works quickly. Solving problems faster while having a great experience leads to quicker results, giving your team the confidence to tackle even more significant challenges!

🌰 In a nutshell: Kure unites proven optimization techniques, the latest technology and user-centric design into one platform that gives everyone the power of Process Optimization.

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Here’s how Kure streamlines Process Optimization projects:

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