What is a Project Summary?

Learn about the Project Summary and how to use this tool in Kure

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The Project Summary provides an overview of your process optimization journey from the opportunity to the results.

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The Project Summary is an excellent tool to communicate the project success to stakeholders quickly. Over time, the collection of project summaries can serve as a database of previous projects that can guide future projects.

The Project Summary is also a great help during annual review time. It concisely documents contributions you have made to your organization’s success. The content draws from the work you completed.

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Quick Win Project Summary

For the Quick Win Project Summary, the project information comes from your Project Charter. The Opportunities Found come from the Process Walk and are those opportunities you selected to perform the 5 Whys.

The Actions Taken are the list of Quick Wins you identified and acknowledgment of 5S if implemented.

The Results come from your Project Handoff and describe the impact of your improvements. The Before and After Photos visualize the changes made with 5S and other improvements, such as a map of the improved process or summary data.

Root Cause Exploration Project Summary

In the Root Cause Exploration, the Business Case comes from the Project Charter, updated for what you may have learned.

The Root Cause Analysis lists the confirmed root causes, along with any key discoveries you have made. In addition, if any long-standing beliefs have been proven wrong, this is a good place to note them.

The Solutions Implemented lists what you’ve implemented to solve the problem. If you need to take further actions, they may be listed here with an estimated completion date.

The Project Results describes how much improvement you made in your Goal Statement measure and other critical results achieved. Be sure to mention financial benefits, if applicable.

The Graphical Display of Improvement is a reduced-size image of your Verification graph.

Kure creates the entire contents of the Project Summary from your work or inputs you provided, so there is nothing more for you to do but to read it and confirm that it’s correct. If there’s anything you’d like to add or change, you can edit the content at that time.

​​Kure guides you through each step in creating your Project Summary by asking simple questions and providing guidance along the way. Powered by our Process Optimization Path® (artificial intelligence), Kure will help you and your teams collaborate to complete process improvement projects together.

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